Thursday, November 24, 2016


Michael Chandler
November 24, 2016


Floating earthward
from the heavens,
each unique, to form
a prismatic bond
across the landscape,
on the strangely silent
Day or Night,
when we peacefully arrived,

some are dissipated
too early
in the morning sun.
Some remain longer,
covering the earth,
shining back at the sky
all the colors
of The Spectrum.

Some linger,
still bonded,
unique, sooty, crusted,
reminding those
who saw us drift down,
gaping through their windows
or laughing and romping
upon our arrival,

as we melt away
to feed the grass
and the trees,
the rivers,
the oceans,
of the joyous colors
we were destined
to share.

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful reminder of how all are connected on so many levels